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First Steps

This shows you how to set up opentaps CRM2

The first step is to sign up for opentaps CRM2

Once you have received your permanent authorization token key by email, reset it

$ curl -X POST '' -d clientDomain= ${yourDomain} -d authToken=${authToken}

Keep your new auth token secret! Someone with this token will be able to access everything in your account.

Setting Up with opentaps in the Cloud

If you are using an opentaps in the Cloud Amazon EC2 instance from an instance which says "crm2", then CRM2 is already pre-loaded for you. Simply edit the file hot-deploy/crm2/config/ and populate your settings:

crm2.activities.widget.baseOpentapsUrl =
crm2.activities.widget.authToken = your-auth-token-value
crm2.activities.widget.clientDomain =

Then, restart opentaps

$ /etc/init.d/opentaps restart

You should see an activities widget similar to those from Tour of CRM2 in your CRM system.

Setting up for opentaps 1.x

If you are using an older AMI which does not have "crm2" in its name, or if you are running opentaps on your own server, then you will have to get the code for crm2. You can check it out of our subversion repository into the opentaps/ directory (opentaps 1.5) or hot-deploy directory (earlier versions) like this:

$ svn co svn:// crm2

Out of the box, this code works for opentaps 1.5. If you are using opentaps 1.4 or earlier versions, you will need to replace some of the lines which are for opentaps 1.5 with those for earlier versions. Edit the file src/com/opentaps/crm2/ and search for "opentaps 1.5" and follow the instructions to comment out and uncomment the appropriate lines.

Next, compile the new module with

$ ant

Add the new module to either opentaps/component-load.xml or hot-deploy/component-load.xml file with

    <load-component component-location="crm2"/>

If you have the opentaps Professional Edition, just uncomment lines between

<!-- Uncomment to use Crm2 application

in the following files:


If not, download the patch file for crm2 and apply it to your opentaps.

Finally, follow the instructions above to configure your crm2/config/ file and restart opentaps.

Exporting Users to CRM2

To export your users to CRM2, run the service exportContactsToCrm2 with the following parameters:

This services uses entity sync. Newly created or updated contacts will be added. If the party has a user_login which has _VIEW permission to CRMSFA or FINANCIALS (through any of his user_login_security_permission_group), his user_login_id will be imported as a user_id without password

This service can be set up to run regularly as a job, so new users are automatically added to CRM2.

Setting up the WordPress Contact Form

  • Copy opentaps_crm2/wordpress/template-crm2-contact.php to your wordpress curent theme directory
  • Modify template-crm2-contact.php to set up your authToken and clientDomain
  • Create new wordpress Page with template-crm2-contact.php template