Sales Order Entry Tests

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These tests correspond to the sales order entry feature in CRMSFA.

Updating Coupon Code

Action Enter coupon code "9000" in the left hand side of the screen.

Result You should get $10 off on your order, with a link to Promo "9012"

Changing Customer and Price

Action Enter partyId "DemoPrivilegedCust" in the customer box. Click on [Update] and click [Yes] when asked if you want to recalculate prices.

Result You should see a note about this customer receiving 25% off. You should also see a unit price for each item which is 25% lower.

Action Change partyId to another party. Try either [Yes] or [No] for recalculating price.

Result You should see the customer of the order changed. The prices will be recalculated if you answered [Yes] to the question about recalculating prices.

Setting the PO # of the Order

Action Enter a PO # in the upper left box and click [Update].

Result When the order is created, you should be able to find it by the PO # you entered in CRMSFA > Orders >> Find Order