Reserving Inventory for Orders

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"Default Inventory Reservation Method"

Inventory is reserved for orders based on the settings of the products store of the order. You can set a facility ID for the warehouse where the inventory for the order should be reserved, and you can also set the sequence of the inventory reservation.

To use access this set up proceed as follows:

*  From the Main Navigation screen Click: Catalog Icon > Store Tab 
*  The Store page opens, displaying a long list of set up parameters.
*  The relevant parameters are the following:
      Inventory Facility Id -- choose the inventory facility to use from the drop down box
      One Inventory Facility -- specify if one, or more facilities are used
      Check Inventory -- check inventory before taking accepting an order
      Reserve Inventory -- reserve inventory for each order accepted
      Reserve Order Enum Id -- choose the reservation sequence from the drop down box
      Require Inventory -- require inventory before accepting an order
*  When entries are correct, Click: [Update] at the bottom of the page.

"Inventory Re-reservation Function"

Beginning in opentaps 1.4 and later versions, after an order has been created, you can also re-reserve the inventory of the order to a different warehouse. The new warehouse does not have to have inventory. If inventory is currently not available in the new warehouse, it will be backordered there. To use this function refer to View Order Screen#Re-Reserve_Inventory.

"Special Reservation Options -- Available to System Administrators Only"

There are two reservation set up options that System Administrators can use when needed.

Configure the Facility Entity -- Beginning in opentaps 1.4 and later versions, you can also set an inventory reservation sequence in the warehouse itself, on the Facility entity, rather than at the product store. If this is configured at the facility level, then it will override the inventory reservation sequence at the product store. Otherwise, the product store's inventory reservation sequence will be the default one. The required entry can be done using Webtools.

Configure a ProductStoreFacilityByAddress Entity -- In opentaps 1.4 and later versions, you can set a different warehouse for reserving the inventory of an order, based on the shipping address of the order. This can be done by populating the ProductStoreFacilityByAddress entity (PROD_STORE_FACILITY_BY_ADDR table) with the product store ID, contact mech ID of the postal address, and facility ID of the warehouse.

If the particular shipping address has an entry in this table, inventory for it will be reserved in the facility ID of the ProductStoreFacilityByAddress. If not, the facility ID defined in the product store will be the default one. There is currently no user interface for modifying ProductStoreFacilityByAddress, so it would have to be set automatically by using Webtools, a script or a service.