Reserving Inventory for Orders

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Inventory is reserved for orders based on the settings of the products store of the order. You can set a facility ID for the warehouse where the inventory for the order should be reserved, and you can also set the sequence of the inventory reservation.

In opentaps 1.4 and later versions, you can set a different warehouse for reserving the inventory of an order, based on the shipping address of the order. This can be done by populating the ProductStoreFacilityByAddress entity (PROD_STORE_FACILITY_BY_ADDR table) with the product store ID, contact mech ID of the postal address, and facility ID of the warehouse. If the particular shipping address has an entry in this table, inventory for it will be reserved in the facility ID of the ProductStoreFacilityByAddress. If not, the facility ID defined in the product store will be the default one.