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This screen is used to receive products against outstanding purchase orders. Enter the order and the ship group (usually 00001, unless you have multiple ship groups in PO) at the top and click on [Receive].

If the purchase order is approved, you will see a list of the open items on the purchase order, including the following fields:

  • Supplier Product - Supplier product name and product Id
  • Product - Your product Id, internal product name, and UPC code.
  • Order Net - This is the net ordered quantity.
  • Current Back-Ordered Quantity - This is the total quantity of this product which is currently back ordered.
  • Received - This is the quantity already received.
  • Open - This is the quantity still not received (or the "Order Net" minus "Received").
  • Fulfilled Back Orders - This is a list of back orders which this PO would fulfill, with a link to [Pack Order] to go ahead and pack that order screen.
  • Receive - Enter the quantity to be received.
  • Inventory Item Type - Select serialized or non-serialized to set whether the items are serialized or not.
  • Lot - Fill in the lot Id for the item to be tagged with a lot.
  • Receive - Click on this box to receive this line from the PO.

You can enter the quantities to be received by either typing a number in the Receive column or by going below to the Add Product to Receive section, where you can enter (or scan in with a barcode scanner), either your product Id, a UPC or SKU (Good Identification), or your vendor's supplier product Id. You can enter a quantity or use the default of 1 each time you scan an item, and it will be added.

In addition, there are three buttons available:

  • [Clear All] will clear the quantities for all the lines
  • [Receive and Keep Open] will receive the quantities you have entered into a shipment selected, or "New" for new shipment, and keep the rest of the PO open. Use this option if you expect additional shipments from your supplier.
  • [Receive and Close] will receive the quantities you have entered and cancel any un-received quantity on the PO and mark it as completed. Use this button if you believe after this shipment, the vendor will not send anything else from your PO.

Finally, the [PDF] button at the top right hand corner will print a PDF of this PO with items received and back orders fulfilled.