Production Transfers

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To access this screen from the Main Navigation page,
Click: [Warehouse] Icon > [Manufaturing] Tab > [Production Transfers] button
The "Create Inventory Transfers for Upcoming Production" page opens.

"Introduction to Production Transfers"

This function is used when you have inventory located in warehouses other than the one used for your Production Run, and you wish to transfer and use some of the remote inventory in the run. This requires that an inventory move be executed before the production run is scheduled to begin.

This screen allows you to create inventory transfers automatically from another warehouse to your production run warehouse location, in time for the scheduled start of any production run. A Production Transfer setup will accomplish such transfers automatically for your production runs in whatever period of calender time you specify. It will respond for any Production Runs you have created during the time period specified, or that you set up after the Production Transfer.

"Using the Production Transfer Screen"

You can select the remote warehouse to use from the drop down box list, and specify the from and through dates of the production runs to be considered, as follows:

* First navigate to the [Manufacturing] Tab as explained at the top of this page.
* Make sure you have already selected the warehouse for your Production Runs,
     Look in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to see this information,
     "Warehouse: your-selected-warehouse" if the wrong one is listed there,
     Click: [Change] and select the warehouse for your Production Run(s).
* Now, Click: [Production Transfers] button, on the [Manufacturing] Tab page.
* Select the warehouse for remote inventory access in the drop down box,
* Select the From date and Thru date for automated transfers,
* Click: [Create] the Production Transfer info you provided is saved.

The system will then go through all the production runs during that time and automatically create inventory transfers for the parts needed by those production transfers. When determining the need for transfers, this function will take into account both the existing available to promise inventory at the production run warehouse facility, and any transfers already planned.

"Cancel a Production Transfer"