Production Routings

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Production routings define steps for manufacturing your products. A “routing task” is a discrete step in the manufacturing process. A “routing” is an ordered list of tasks required for a manufacturing process. The same task could be used in several routings. The same routing could also be assigned to more than one product. “Routings” and “routing tasks” are created separately and then associated together, and “routings” are then associated with products.

When you create a routing task, you can associate a machine (fixed asset) with the task and then define the setup and per unit times, in milliseconds. Or, you can invoke an “Estimated Calc Method” which would calculate the total time, including setup and production, for the task.

Then, you can define your routings as a series of tasks, and the each task in the routing could be assigned a sequence number.

Once you have completed routings, you would associate routings with products. There is no limit to how many routings a product can have or how many products a routing could be associated with. The "minimum quantity" and "maximum quantity" fields are used to determine whether this particular routing is suitable for producing the product in the required quantity. If no routing with minimum and maximum quantity is found for the product, then the routing without minimum or maxmimum quantity is assumed to be the default routing and used.