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Setup Production Routing Task Outsourcing

Use this screen to set up a single routing task for outsourcing to a specific supplier. The setup function associates a production routing task with a supplier (you have already defined using Purchasing > Supplier Tab > [Create Supplier]) as an outsourced service provider. You can then use the special processing features in opentaps production, requirements, and purchasing areas to outsource this task whenever it is needed.

Enter the appropriate information following fields:

  • Supplier Party ID (required) - This is the opentaps Party ID of the supplier you will outsource the task to. You may enter the ID manually or use the lookup widget to find the supplier.
  • Routing Task ID (required) - This is the Routing Task ID (not a Routing ID) of the production task you will outsource. You can use the lookup widget to find the routing task.
  • Product ID - You create this new Product ID by filling in this field. It is the productID (not the name) you give to the service your Supplier will provide by executing your outsourced task for you. Thus, it identifies your outsoured task for future reference within the process. You will be using this Product ID in the purchase orders created later. If you leave this field blank, the system will automatically generate one for you but we suggest you name it something that is meaningful for your staff, but be careful:
* Note: Rules about the Product ID you enter here.  The name is case sensitive and should 
     contain no spaces or blanks in it.  It should not include special characters other than 
     dash (-) in it, use only alpha and numeric characters.  If you make a mistake on this it 
     may be necessary to ask your technical system administrator to correct the bad name in 
     the system.
  • Product Name - a name you use to refer to this service. For example, "Paint Doors - Premium Finish." If you leave it blank it will be the same as Supplier Product Name, if supplied.
  • Available From (required) - Date/time after which this task could be outsourced to this supplier. Defaults to now.
  • Available Thru - Date/time after which this task could not be outsourced to this supplier. This would be the termination date of a supplier agreement for example.
  • Minimum Order Quantity (required) - Minimum quantity which could be purchased from this supplier. Defaults to 0.
  • Supplier Product ID - Your Supplier's internal ID used by your supplier to refer to this task you outsource to them.
  • Supplier Product Name - The name used by your supplier to refer to this task. For example, "Paint Doors."
  • Price and Currency (required) - Price this service could be
  • Cost GL Account Type - The GL account type to account for this outsourced service. By default, it is "Contract manufacturing expense." (MFG_EXPENSE_CONTRACT)

Click [Create], to create the required data to support the outsourcing of this production run task.

Required Permissions

Users of this screen must have permissions to create products in the Catalog manager.

Entities Created

The following database entries are created when this function is run.

  • Product
  • SupplierProduct
  • CostComponentCalc
  • WorkEffortCostCalc
  • WorkEffortGoodStandard