Organizations and People

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opentaps refers to both organizations and people as the "parties" of your business system. Parties are created on the system in two ways, an explicit Party application, and also implicit party creation within the context of some processes you use.

Thus, you may configure relevant parties using the Parties and Users process group button on the main navigation (splash) screen, and the Party application tab. Thus, to create parties you click:

Parties and Users > Party

Creating Parties In Context: opentaps makes it easy to create the parties you need in the context of some of your process work. For example, a new account may be created in the CRM > Accounts application tab, and doing that will create the party definition required at the same time, with no extra work. This method has the advantage that the party's role definition is supplied by the system.

Organizations: You will create and define your own organization on the opentaps system, as well as the organizations of your customers, your suppliers of goods and services, and organizations that you partner with. Each organization type party will have defined roles used by the system, such as "account, customer, or supplier".

People: You will also create and define all of the people that you work with or transact business with, including employees, customer contacts, suppliers or service provider personnel for example. People have defined roles on the system also, and these are used by the system to control authority to act within processes or transactions. So, it is important to define people with the correct roles.