Order Queue Screen

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The “Order Queue” screen allows you to prioritize open orders. You can filter the list of orders shown by their status, displaying either all open orders or only ones in the approved state, and you can also filter the list of orders based on whether they contain a particular product.

The list of orders shows the order ID, the shipping destination and shipping method, the requested ship by date, the estimated delivery date, and the status of the order. You can change the request to ship date for the orders on this list.

If you did not filter orders, so it is showing all open orders for all products, you can use the green arrows to the right to move orders up and down in priority. You can also drag in order with your mouse and move it ahead or after any another order in the queue. When you click on the [Save and Refresh] link, the system will store the new priorities of orders and re-reserve inventory for them. If only a limited quantity of a product is available, it will be allocated to orders which were moved higher in the queue.

If you have filtered the list of orders, you will not be able to reprioritize them. You can still use the [Save and Refresh] button to save your updates to the request to ship by dates, however.