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Building GWT

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is built independently of opentaps. To build the Google Web toolkit widgets,

$ ant gwt

To clear the previous build,

$ ant clean-gwt

This will cause ant to look for look "gwt" in the opentaps components' build.xml files and build them one at a time. In the component build.xml, the following directories are specified for building gwt:

        <property name="gwt.deploy.dir" value="./webapp/crmsfagwt"/>
        <property name="gwt.module.base" value="org.opentaps.gwt.crmsfa"/>
        <property name="gwt.src.common" value="../opentaps-common/src/org/opentaps/gwt"/>
        <property name="gwt.src.base" value="./src/org/opentaps/gwt/crmsfa"/>

Then, when ant tries to build gwt, it will look all that gwt modules specified in the build.xml. Each module is specified at a path of ${gwt.deploy.dir}/${gwt.module.base}.${module}.${module} For example, if you specify contacts as the module to compile, then opentaps will try to compile org.opentaps.gwt.crmsfa.contacts.contacts.gwt.xml, which should be in your src/ path.

When you have an additional GWT module to build, add it to the list of modules:

     <foreach list="contacts,accounts,leads,partners" target="gwtcompile" param="module"/>

To speed up the build during development, you can enable it for only one of the browsers in your .gwt.xml file. For example, you can enable it for only Mozilla/Firefox by setting the user.agent property to "gecko1_8":

 <set-property name="user.agent" value="gecko1_8"/>