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Building GWT

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is built independently of opentaps. To build the Google Web toolkit widgets,

$ ant gwt

To clear the previous build,

$ ant clean-gwt

This will cause ant to look for look "gwt" in the opentaps components' build.xml files and build them one at a time. In the component build.xml, the following directories are specified for building gwt:

Then, when ant tries to build gwt, it will look all that gwt modules specified in the build.xml. Each module is specified at a path of

Therefore, to add your Google Web toolkit widget to the build, add it to

To speed up the build during development, you can enable it for only one of the browsers in your .gwt.xml file. For example, you can enable it for only Mozilla/Firefox by setting the user.agent property to "gecko1_8":