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The opentaps distributor application is an add-on module designed to allow distributors to place orders for products through a secured portal.

Currently, the distributor application is under development. You can access it from subversion to take a look at it.

To get the application,

$ cd hot-deploy
$ svn co svn:// distributor

If you are using opentaps 1.4, you will need to add it to your hot-deploy/component-load.xml file:

   <load-component component-location="${ofbiz.home}/hot-deploy/distributor"/>

Load the file hot-deploy/distributor/data/DistributorSecurity.xml for security settings

Load the file hot-deploy/distributor/data/DistributorDemo.xml if you want to try the demo

Now restart opentaps, go to http://localhost:8080/distributor, and you should be able to access the login screen for the distributor application.


  1. Fix the UI labels
  2. Fix the "My Orders" screen