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Concur is a corporate travel and expense management system that allows you to manage your employees' travel expenses. Employees can fill out travel expense reports electronically, which can then be approved by a manager at your company, and then the employees can be set up to be reimbursed automatically for their expenses.

The opentaps Concur integration allows you to consolidate travel and other employee expenses directly from Concur to the opentaps general ledger. It allows you to download employee travel expense information from Concur in the format of an encrypted pipe delimited file from their secured FTP server. opentaps will then create accounting transactions for these travel expenses.


From Source Repository

You can check out the concur integration component from our source code repository into your hot-deploy component:

$ svn co svn:// concur-integration

IMPORTANT: This component must be called concur-integration in your hot deploy directory.

Installing the Component

Edit your hot-deploy/component-load.xml and make sure that this and the dal components are both activated so that they will be loaded:

   <load-component component-location="dal"/>
   <load-component component-location="concur-integration"/>

The dal component is currently part of the opentaps Magento Integration.

You also need to make changes to the hot-deploy build file using the patch file in the concur integration component. From your opentaps root directory:

$ patch -p 0 < hot-deploy/concur-integration/hot-deploy-build-xml.patch

From opentaps, load the seed data files for concur from Web tools:

  • hot-deploy/concur-integration/data/ConcurSeedData.xml
  • hot-deploy/concur-integration/data/ConcurSecurityData.xml

Next, you need to update the base entities and constants. First, stop opentaps

$ ./

Then, run ant to update the base entities and constants

$ ant make-base-entities
$ ant make-constants
$ ant

Finally, start opentaps again

$ ./

Download new batches

There is concur-download target in component build script that retrieve new batches from server and store them for further processing. But to accomplish this task is recommended to use concur-integration/script/ Normally it is started by cron and redirect all output into runtime/logs/concur-downloads.log.

Setting Up Users

You must assign the "Concur import manager" permission to at least one user, such as your admin user, so that the user could use the concur integration component.