Opentaps Analytics Click Stream Analysis

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You can load your click stream data, or the actual pages visited by each visitor on your site, into opentaps Analytics and integrate it with the sales data analysis.

In opentaps Analytics, click stream is defined as a series of click events, each of which could have any of the following fields:

  • ip - ip address
  • tx - timestamp
  • event - the actual click event. This could be a product Id, a category Id, or special events such as HOME_PAGE, ADD_TO_CART, CHECKOUT_FORM, CHECKOUT
  • url - the full url of your event
  • refEvent - referral event, or the event which led to the current click event. For example, this could be the previous page that the visitor was on
  • refUrl - referral url
  • refType - type of referral event, such as a product or category page or special page.

To load your click stream data, post JSON requests to opentaps Analytics at POST in the following array format of events:

    "ip": "",
    "tx": "2014-03-31T07:06:26.000-03:00",
    "event": "${productId}",
    "url": "${product page url}",
    "type": "PRODUCT_PAGE"
    "ip": "",
    "tx": "2014-03-31T07:13:40.000-03:00",
    "event": "${categoryId}",
    "url": "${cateogry page url}",
    "type": "CATEGORY_PAGE",
    "refEvent": "${categoryId}",
    "refUrl": "${category page url}",
    "refType": "CATEGORY_PAGE"
    "ip": "",
    "tx": "2014-03-31T07:17:09.000-03:00",
    "event": "HOME_PAGE",
    "url": "${home page url}",
    "type": "HOME_PAGE"