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Beginning with opentaps-1.4-preview2, you can use Amazon EC2 images to install opentaps on an Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud virtual server. You can find Amazon Machine Images (AMI) for opentaps which allow you to set up a virtual server with opentaps pre-installed with demo data.

You can watch our YouTube video about opentaps on Amazon EC2 or follow the instructions below.

Recent Changes

Beginning with opentaps 1.4.1,

  • opentaps will be automatically moved from /opt/opentaps to /mnt/opentaps when the server is initially set up. This takes approximately 5 minutes. All references to /opt/opentaps below should be changed to /mnt/opentaps

Finding opentaps Amazon EC2 Images

To use an opentaps AMI, login to the Amazon AWS Management Console.

First, make sure that you are set to the "US East" region:

Amazon ec2 region us east.png

Then, from the "Instances" screen, click on "Launch Instances", and then click on "Community AMIs" and search for "opentaps". You should see a list of opentaps machine images available, listing the version of opentaps and the preinstalled database, like this:


Simply choose the image with the opentaps version and database that you would like to use, click on [Select] next to it, and then Amazon will take you to the next screen to finish setting up your server.

Accessing your New opentaps Instance

Once Amazon has set up your new opentaps instance, you can use the DNS to access it. For example, if your instance's public DNS is, that you can access opentaps from your browser at

and you will be able to access your instance of opentaps, preloaded with the demo data.

NOTE: Starting with opentaps 1.4.1, you must wait about 5 minutes while the Amazon server moves opentaps from /opt/opentaps/ to /mnt/opentaps/

Managing your opentaps Instance

To manage your opentaps instance, use your Amazon .pem key and login as root:

$ ssh ec2/mysecurekey.pem

By convention, opentaps will be installed in the /opt/opentaps directory, so you can go to your version as the root user:

$ cd /opt/opentaps/opentaps-1.4-preview-2

and modify the configuration files.

For example, if you want opentaps to run on port 80 and 443, edit the files framework/base/config/ofbiz-containers.xml and framework/webapp/config/ and change the ports 8080 and 8443 to 80 and 443.

To start, stop, or restart opentaps, you can use the /etc/init.d/opentaps script:

$ /etc/init.d/opentaps stop
$ /etc/init.d/opentaps start

Now you should be able to access opentaps at