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opentaps 2 Notes

What It Does

This is a very simple yet useful application to demonstrate the concepts and technologies behind opentaps 2.

On the server side, there will be a set of API for creating and retrieving notes which can be associated with different things: orders, customers, tasks, products, etc. On the client side, there will be UI tools for working with the server-side notes API to create or retrieve notes. You can write your own UI around these API, using our examples for both web and mobile platforms.

The cool thing is that you can configure up to 10 things to associate with your notes, whatever they maybe. You can thus associate notes with your customers or tasks and make a CRM system, or associate them with your products or orders and have a product review system. You can even organize the UI to make your own version of Twitter.

The open source version of opentaps 2 Notes will include:

  • a server side application built with opentaps 2
  • a browser client written in HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • mobile clients for iPhone and Android

How It Works

The Data Model

NoteData - the notes themselves
* noteId - unique ID
* noteText - text field for the note
* createdByUserId - identity of user creating the note
* userIdType - identifies type of user Id (Facebook, twitter, LDAP, email, etc.)
* dateTimeCreated - date and time when note was created
* attribute1..10 - arbitrary attributes associated with note

NoteAttributeConfig - configures the attributes which are associated with the note 
* attributeId - 1..10 identifying which attribute on NoteData
* fieldName1..N - field name for user's convenience



  • Input:
    • text
    • value for field1...10
  • Output:
    • noteId


  • Input:
    • noteId
  • Output:
    • NoteData for noteId


  • Input (any of the following):
    • createdByUserId
    • createdByUserType
    • value for field1...10
  • Output
    • List of NoteData or empty list


Mobile API

How to Install It

Follow general installation instructions for opentaps 2

Install the modules for Notes application

Run database script to set up the database

Configure your fields

How to Use It

The HTML App

The Mobile App