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Order Status

By default, the system uses the following status codes to manage the sales order cycle:

  • When an order is first created, it is in the created state.
  • If the order were placed with a credit card and the credit card were approved, the order will be automatically set to approve. If, however, the credit card were rejected, it will be put into the rejected state.
  • For other payment methods which are not automatically authorized, the order will remain in the created state until it is manually approved on the View Order Screen.
  • An order can be manually put on hold on the View Order Screen as well. This will prevent the order from being picked or shipped. you can manually toggle in order from approved to held and back on this screen.
  • An order can also be manually canceled on the View Order Screen. There is also a batch service called "autoCancelOrderItems" which will automatically cancel orders which have not shipped and are over 30 days old. By default, the service is not scheduled to run.
  • When all the items on order has been fulfilled, the order will be changed to the completed state.
  • If an order is returned with the reason "undeliverable" or "COD refused" for any of its items, the order will be changed to undeliverable.

The "sent" and "processing" stakes are by default not used by the system.

The resulting states of the order can also be configured by modifying the settings of the products store.

User Manual Page > The Orders Tab