Manage Cash Drawer Screen

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This screen has three sections to help you manage cash drawers:

Open Cash Drawer

This section is used to open a new cash drawer for an employee. Use at the beginning of a work period when cash is given to the employee and enter:

  • Opened At: Date and time when the cash drawer is opened, defaults to now.
  • User Login: userLoginId of the employee who is using the cash drawer.
  • Initial Amount: Initial amount of cash given to the employee
  • Opening Comments: Any comments you want to write

Note that there can only be one cash drawer open per user login at a time. If the same employee needs to manage multiple cash handling stations, give the employee a separate userl login for each station.

Active Cash Drawers

This section shows a list of all the cash drawers that are currently open, by employee userLoginId, and the current balance which should be in the cash drawer, based on all cash receipts and disbursements made by the employee.

Past Cash Drawers

Shows previously closed cash drawers.