Localization for Language, and Taxation

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The localization configuration is handled in the following Catalog Manager page:

From the Main Navigation page, choose the Virtual Store for your Web Site
Click: [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] drop down box > [Stores] button > 
[Store Name ID] link, the "Edit Product Store" page opens
Click: [Localisation] or [Tax] to open one of the sections for configuration.

Localization for Language and Currency

The Localisation section of the "Edit Product Store" page provides for specifying two items, the locale language, and the currency for the Web Site Store.

  • Default Locale String -- Enter the character string to specify the language to be used in the Web Site, for example "en_US" specifies the US English language.
  • Default Currency Uom Id -- Click the drop down button and select the country and currency to be used on the Web Site.

Localization for Tax Processing

Configuration for sales taxes is explained in the section Configuring Sales Tax. Here the additional processing details for a specific Web Site Store are configured.

  • Prorate Taxes
  • Show prices with VAT tax included
  • Show Tax Is Exempt
  • Vat Tax Auth Geo Id
  • Vat Tax Auth Party Id

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