Inventory Valuation Report

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This screen allows you to run a report of your organization's inventory value as of a specified date and time.

To open this screen,
* From the Main Navigation screen,
* Click: Financials Icon > Reports Tab
* In the Inventory section,
* Click: Inventory Valuation Report -- link to report page.

Enter the following data fields:

  • Product ID -- specify a product ID or leave it blank to report on all products.
  • Enter the "As Of" date or use the calendar widget. You may also run the inventory valuation report at the end of a pre-configured fiscal time period from using the drop down menu.
  • Enter: Fiscal Type from the drop down menu -- allows you to run the inventory valuation report for the actual value ("Actual") or for previously entered budgets, forecasts, and other fiscal types.
  • Click: [Run] button -- to create an inventory valuation report.

Clicking the [Return to Reports] button will return you to the Reports Main Screen.

The report provides:

  • Product ID
  • Inventory Value
  • and Total Inventory Value