Find a Person or Organization with the Search Block

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Using the [Find ...] Button

When you click the [Find ...] button in one of the CRMSFA Tabs, to locate a person or an organization, the Find screen opens with a search box at the top and a List box at the bottom.

The List box contains a table of information about the type of people or organizations you want to locate. You can scan this list for the item you want and click on the line item ID or Name entry to open the detailed information screen for that item.

  • When the column headings such as ID or Name have an arrow symbol you can click on it to sort the list according to this column in either ascending or descending order.
  • You can point to the first column heading to display a drop down button that you can click to see the "Columns" link.
  • Point to "Columns" to open the column selection box, and then check the column checkboxes to customize the List box display to include the information columns that you want to see in your List box.
  • You can export the List box contents in spreadsheet (Excel) format and download it to your desktop computer using the [Export To Excel] button. This opens the download box on your web browser software and you can choose what to do with the download in the usual way.

When the List box doesn't produce the item you want, you can use the standard search box function labeled "Find By" to find it.

  • Click one of the search tabs in this box to open a data entry box for the Name, ID, Phone number, or Advanced address and classification values to search on.
  • Enter a part of the data item you have chosen for your search. Often a part of the name, or part of the local phone number is enough to find your item.
  • Click [Find ...]
  • Candidates from the search will display in a new List box, ready for your selection.