Find Locations in Warehouse

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When you have your warehouse facility defined, and have already created inventory storage locations within the warehouse, to find specific Location information proceed as follows:

* From the Main Navigation screen, Click: Warehouse Icon > Configuration Tab > [Locations]
     button in the Shortcut Box.
* The "Find Location" screen opens first.
* For a tutorial on the Location model used in opentaps refer to Introduction to Inventory Locations
* Fill in the form with part of the entries listed to specify a Location or group of locations
     to find, including:
     Location SeqID -- enter to find one specific Location
     Area -- enter to list Locations within an area
* Click: [Find] to search for the Location(s) that meet your criteria.

A table of all the matching locations is provided, including a link to each one which can be used to open the page for editing products stored there and the inventory quantity rules for each product.