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Bringing attention to information

You can bring attention to various types of information by utilizing the following templates.

Enter {{info|Title|Body}} to generate:

Information.png Info
Some interesting or unique information to take notice of.

Enter {{tip|Title|Body}} to generate:

Accept.png Tip
A smart tip to help make something easier

Enter {{warning|Title|Body}} to generate:

Exclamation.png Warning
Something extremely important that shouldn't be missed

Enter {{note|Title|Body}} to generate:

Error.png Note
Something to take note of

The following notations are used throughout this documentation site:

  • opentaps is divided into a series of applications with sub-sections. The applications are accessible from the main "opentaps" splash screen, and the sub-sections are available on the tabs of the applications. For example, references to
  Financials > Receivables

mean that you should click on the "AR/AP, Ledger, Financials" application on the opentaps splash screen and then click on the [Receivables] tab.

  • Buttons are enclosed with [ ]. For example, if you see the following on a documentation page;
  [Create Account]

it means you should click on a button for creating account.

  • ID values refer to a system generated value for a person, product, order, invoice, payment, etc. By convention, most values in opentaps have their ID values in ( ). For example, you might see:
  John Smith (10000)

This means that the person "John Smith" could be referred to with id value "10000" on screens where a customer ID or party ID is required.

  • Next to many data input fields you may see the following icon which takes you to the lookup widget: Lookupwidget.png
  • In opentaps 1.4 and later, there is also an autocomplete lookup which is a yellow-bordered input box where you can start to enter values, and then choose from a list of eligible candidates on the screen, or use the lookup widget next to it:


  • Next to date fields you may see the following icon which takes you to the calendar widget: Calendar widget.png
  • All files in this documentation site are referenced from the opentaps installation directory. For example, if you have installed opentaps in

then references to the following file


means you should be editing the following on your file system:


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