Creating and Applying Patches

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Creating Patches

Specific Revision of Opentaps =

Suppose you wish to create a patch for a single revision of opentaps, such as the bugfix revision 9593. You can use the svn diff command to do this. First, ensure you are in the root directory of opentaps,

  prompt> cd opentaps

To verify that you're in the right directory, ensure that it contains the build.xml and files. Next, create the patch by executing the svn diff command and specify the revision with the -c argument,

  prompt> svn diff -c 9593

The output will be printed on the screen. You can redirect it into a file as follows,

  prompt> svn diff -c 9593 > bugfix.patch

The file bugfix.patch is created and it contains a specific revision of the opentaps repository.