Creating Editable Invoices

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The Invoices can be created in editable state or they can be created as "Ready" and posted to the Ledger (thus it is no longer editable.)

If you want invoices to remain editable rather than automatically Posted, you need to check and set a flag in your product Store called "Auto Approve Invoice" flag to [N]. To check and set this item proceed as follows:

* From the Main Navigation (splash) screen, Click: CATALOG.  This opens the Catalog Manager section.
* Click: Stores Tab in the Catalog Manager
* Click: The "Store Name [ID]" link for the Store you use for the relevant Services products.  This 
  opens the "Product Store List" screen with many characteristics you can configure.
* Look down list for the "orders" group, Click: [-] to open the group
* In the item "Auto Approve Invoice" Select [Y] In the drop down box.
* This will automatically post Invoices as they are created, or
* Select: [N] if you wish to keep Invoices editable for review or changes.