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Introduction to Working with Product Catalogs

A Product Catalog is comprised of Categories, and these Catalogs are often used to group many Product Categories together forming an intermediate step in the organization between Products, Categories, and Stores. Once defined, the Catalog is set-up to work in the Store(s) where it is used to present it's Categories and Products.

The Product Catalog can be used to define a common look and feel for all Categories the Catalog contains, and to specify the way those Categories will behave when displayed in the Store(s).

For example, such presentation options can be very useful for Stores which sell products from different manufacturers, or that target different Customer or Market segments with various Product types. The availability of differentiated presentations can be used to aid in the targeting of various segments, or Customers.

Introduction to Defining a Category Step-By-Step

In this section we will discuss how to define a Catalog to suit your needs, with the Step-By-Step guides.

Creating or Accessing the Catalog

To Edit or Create a new Catalog,

* Click: on a Catalog in one of the left navigation boxes, or 
* Enter a Catalog ID in the "Catalog Administration Main Page" box,
      "Edit Catalog with Catalog ID:" field, and then,
* Click: either [Edit Catalog] for an existing ID, or 
* Click: [Create New Catalog]
* The "Edit Product Catalogs" page opens.

Editing the Catalog Definition

Once you click on a Catalog on the Catalog Manager in a left-side navigation menu, or enter a Catalog id to edit or create a new Catalog, the "Edit Product Catalog" (which is the main Catalog page) will open. This page shows the following Catalog definition and general information items, each of which can be edited as required.

* Using the [Catalog] Tab on this page,
* Edit items on the list as needed.
* Click: [Update] at the bottom of the "Edit Product Catalogs" box to save changes.
  • Product Catalog ID (catalogId) -- the system ID for this particular Catalog,
  • Catalog Name -- name that will be shown on the Web Store

The following content items are used when the Catalog is presented on the Web Store screen:

  • Use Quick Add
  • Style Sheet
  • Header Logo
  • Content Path Prefix Define the prefix of the content placement file . Start up by a / and finish without /
  • Template Path Prefix Define the skeleton of the content placement file . Start up by a / and finish without /
  • Permission required to add product to "ViewAllow" category
  • Permission required to add product to "PurchaseAllow" category