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If you need to navigate to the Create Purchase Orders Screen, proceed as follows:

* From Main Navigation screen Click: Purchasing icon
* Click: Orders Tab
* The "Open Orders" screen opens.
* The Shortcuts box is displayed.
* In the Shortcuts box Click: [Create Order]

This screen allows you to create a new purchase order from a supplier, and is divided into the following sections:

Initializing a Purchase Order

When you create a purchase order you begin by "initializing" the order with some basic information:

*  select a supplier
*  select a purchasing agreement - When you enter or change the supplier, the list of
     your available purchasing agreements automatically changes.
*  set the currency of the purchase order
*  name your purchase order
*  set the ship before for all the items on the order and/or,
*  set ship after dates for all the items on the order.  

Order Settings

Once you have initialized your purchase order, there is a section to the left side of your screen which displays the supplier name, currency, and current total for the order. Clicking the [Cancel Order] button will cancel this order and return you to the Open Purchase Orders Screen.

Adding Items to Your Order

This section allows you to create the initial order, and includes the following fields:

* Product ID - Enter the internal product ID, 
    an alternate ID such as UPC or SKU, or 
    your supplier's product ID for the product you would like to purchase, or 
    search for it using the lookup widget.  
    If you enter a partial ID number, the system will display a screen with all the
    products that could potentially match this partial ID number.  You can add one 
    or more products from this list.  Only if the are no products which match the 
    ID number that you have entered will the system display an error message.  
    This is a required field to add an item to the order.
* Quantity - Enter the number of units of the product you are ordering.  This is 
    also a required field to add an item to the order.
* Ship Before Date - Enter the date the order must be shipped by, or search for 
    it using the lookup widget.
* Comments - Enter any relevant comments in the information box.

Clicking the [Add to Order] button will create the order and add the product to the order items section below. The total value of the order will automatically be calculated with consideration of the items you are ordering.

A Different Supplier

If your product is not set up for this particular supplier, opentaps will open a pop-up window and ask if you would like to add the product to your order anyway. If you choose to add the product, it will be added to your order with the current catalog product name and with a price of 0. You can go to the list of order items below to change the description and the price.

Note that opentaps will also created a Supplier entry for your product. You should go to the catalog manager to set the correct price and purchasing information for this additional Supplier promptly so that your order pricing will be correct in the future.

Order Items

Beginning with opentaps 1.4, there is an order entry grid based on the Google Web Toolkit for entering purchase orderes as well. See [Create_Orders_Screen_CRMSFA#Create_Order].

This section lists the products that have been added to the order, including the following information:

  • Product - This is the name and the internal ID of the product that you are purchasing. You may enter an optional name to describe the product in the information field below the internal name.
  • Quantity - This is the number of units of this product in the order. You may change the quantity by manually entering the new quantity into this field and clicking the [Update] button.
  • Unit Price - This is the value of one unit of the product. You may change the quantity by manually entering the new value into this field and clicking the [Update] button.
  • Adjustments - This field displays any price adjustments (for example, discounts or additional fees) applicable to the order.
  • Item Total - This is the total value of the order.
  • Remove - To remove an item from the order, click the check box and then the [Update] button.
  • Inventory - This section will display information about the product's availability, including the quantity currently in your warehouse or currently in production.
  • Ship After/Ship Before Date - You may specify a date range for the shipment of the order by entering the dates manually or search for them using the calendar widget.

The cart total (including all order items and price adjustments) is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Finalizing the Order

Clicking the [Finalize Order] button will take you through screens to finalize the order, including setting the terms of the order and the destination warehouse to ship your order to, and take you to the View Purchase Order Screen.

Once you have finished entering your order items,

*  Click: [Finalize Order].   

This opens the screen to set the order shipping and options:

  • The top portion of the screen will have the current terms for the order, such as the net payment days. These terms would have come from the purchasing agreement you set earlier for the order. You can modify the terms here, or you can reload the order terms from an agreement, which would clear out all the modifications you have already made.
  • Below the order terms, you can set the shipping destination for your purchase order. You can choose to ship your order to a warehouse of your organization, or you can ship your order to a single use address, which you will be prompted to enter. If you choose a single use address, it will be associated with this purchase order only and will have to be entered again later.
  • You can also specify instructions for your order.

After setting the shipping options, you will be taken to a final review order page. Here you will see all the order terms, shipping destination, shipping instructions, and any special instructions. Below is a list of all the order items. When everything is correct,

*  Click on [Create Order] to create the order, or click on one of the other buttons 
   to go back to the order or to the order options.