Create Production Run

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This screen allows you to create a production run to manufacture a product. Enter the appropriate data into the following fields:

  • Product ID - This is the internal ID for the product you are manufacturing. You may enter the ID manually or search for it using the lookup widget.
  • Quantity - Enter the number of units of the product to be manufactured.
  • Start Date - This is date and time when the production run will begin. By default, this will be set for the current time, however you may enter an alternate date and time manually, or search for it using the calendar widget.
  • Routing Id - This field identifies the routing, which is a list of tasks, required to manufacture the product. The routing must already be associated with the product using the Manufacturing > Routing >> Routing Product Link screen. If you do not enter one, the system will use the first routing associated with the product. If there are no routings, then it will try to look for one with identifier DEFAULT_ROUTING. If this could not be found, you will get an error. You may enter the routing ID manually or search for it using the lookup widget.
  • Production Run Name - This field allows you to assign a name to the production run.
  • Description - This optional field allows you to enter a description of the production run to distinguish it from other production runs.

Your product must also have a Manufacturing Bill Of Material (BOM) associated with it, or a production run cannot be started. To check, go to Purchasing > BOM >> BOM Simulation, select "Manufacturing Bill Of Materials", type in your productId, and make sure that a valid BOM is shown.

Please note that the BOM information is cached, so if you just created or update one, you might need to ask the system administrator to clear the cache in webtools for it to work properly.

Dependent Production Runs

If the product being manufactured has any parts which are not inventoried, then dependent production runs will be created for all those parts. The definition of parts which are not inventoried is that they are either products of the type "Work in Progress" or they have no Facility minimum stock records defined for them in the Catalog Manager > Product >> Facilities tab (or the ProductFacility record.) Note that dependent production runs will be created regardless of whether you actually have the part in stock or not.