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The Create Order screen is divided into six distinct sections:

Order Settings

This section in the upper left corner of the page allows you to set the parameters of the order. Enter the following fields:

Store – This field determines which store the Order Item is being purchased from. Please note: once you have selected the Order Item, the Store field will be locked. Only by removing the item(s) from the order is the store field unlocked.

Channel -- This field designates the channel by which the order is being processed. The channel field will automatically set itself to the default setting of the selected store, however you can change the channel manually.

Order Name -- This field allows you to designate a name for the order, allowing you to identify it in Opentaps.

Customer -- This field allows you to enter a customer’s ID number. If the customer already has items in an order, or a previously determined discount rate, entering the customer ID will automatically prompt you with the price recalculation.

PO # -- The PO # is the "purchase order" number, and is another tool for labeling the order for searching and identification.

After completing the Order Settings, click [Update] to apply the settings to the order that you are creating.

Promotions/Coupon Codes

This section allows you to apply discounts from promotions or coupons to the order. Enter the pre-established code for a coupon or promotion and the corresponding discount will be applied to the order.


Browse and Search

Create Order

Product ID -- Enter either the product number unique to the system, its UPC, or its SKU number to add the item to the order.

By entering the partial number in sequence and clicking "Add to Order", you will be prompted with a list of possible items relating to the partial number you entered. Select the correct item from the list and the appropriate quantity and click [Add to Order]. This will return you to the Create Order screen, with the selected item added to the "Order Items" section.

Quantity -- This field allows you to order multiple units of an item being ordered without adding each unit individually.

If only one unit of the item is being ordered, simply enter "1".

Ship Before Date -- This field allows you to mark a shipping date for your warehouse to ensure that the order is fulfilled in a timely manner or according to the customer's specifications.

Comments -- Entering order specifications, instructions for your warehouse, or any other details you would like to note in the comments field.

Order Items