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Creating your facilities is part of the opentaps system configuration, often performed by a System Administrator. The general method (using the server URL/Facility) is the most flexible and general method for creating facilities and fully describing them, but there are also end-user methods, that do not require System Administrator assistance. These end-user methods can be used for creating retail stores, web stores, warehouses, and backup warehouse facilities. These methods are located in various parts of the opentaps system related to each facility type, and we will explain each one of them in the following sections. We will discuss the general method first.

Using the General Method for Facilities

The general method uses a section of the system which is located at the following address on your opentaps server:

 (Example of the address might be this type of URL: 
*  Using your system URL, and port number, open the /facility/control/login page and 
      log in to the system 
*  The "Facility Manager Application" screen opens
*  The screen displays the Facilities List of all your current facilities 
     (stores and warehouses).
*  Click: [Create New Facility] the Facility (ID:) screen opens with a blank ID.  You can name
     the facility or let the system give it a numeric ID, but note these special rules: 
     ** Names are case sensitive
     ** Names cannot contain blank spaces -- use the underscore (_) instead of blanks
     ** Names must not contain special characters or punctuation marks (except the 
        dash (-) is acceptable.
     ** Incorrect names will cause system processes to fail, so if you are not certain, 
        let the system provide a numeric ID for you.
**  Select the Facility Type ID from the drop down box, for example "Warehouse"
**  Enter or look up the Owner = a unit of your company, or a Supplier
     who is listed in your system under Purchasing > Suppliers Tab if the facility is owned by
     the third party.
** Optionally enter a Default Weight Unit
** Select Default Inventory Item Type either serialized on non-serialized
** Supply a text Name for your new facility
** Optionally enter a Square Footage value for the facility
** Enter a Description if desired
** Enter the Default (lead time) Days To Ship from this facility after a request.
*  Click: [Update] to create the facility

The "Facility your-facility-name" page opens with a full set of facility defining tabs, but no other entries are required in this section of the system, at this time. Your facility has been created and you can return to this page to add or edit the various tabs provided.

Warehouse Setup

From the Main Navigation screen proceed to:

* Click: Warehouse Icon
* Click: [Create a New Warehouse]  link

to be continued

Backup Warehouse Setup

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