Create Locations in Warehouse

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When you have your warehouse facility defined, refer to Warehouse Configuration for guidance, and are ready to proceed with creating inventory storage locations within the warehouse, proceed as follows:

* From the Main Navigation screen, Click: Warehouse Icon > Configuration Tab > [Locations]
     button in the Shortcut Box.
* The "Find Location" screen opens first.
* Next, Click: [New Facility Location] -- this opens the screen to create a new location called
* For a tutorial on the Location model used in opentaps refer to Introduction to Inventory Locations
* Fill in the form with all the entries to specify you new Location, including:
* Review your entries to make sure they are accurate, see the following Note.
* Click: [Update] to create the Location

Note: that once a Location is created, an Location identifier is created by the system from your entries, and this identifier cannot be changed, except by the Systems Administrator.