Create Customer Agreement Screen

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This screen allows you to create customer agreements to be applied to orders made by a specific party. Enter the appropriate information into the following fields:

  • Agreement Date - This is the date and time that the customer agreement is created. Enter the date manually or search for it using the calendar widget. Select the time using the drop down menus.
  • To Party - This is the customer the agreement applies to. Enter the customer's internal ID manually or search for it using the lookup widget.
  • To Classification Group - Alternatively, your agreement can be created to apply to an entire classification group of customers, such as "Preferred Customers" or "Wholesale Customers." Here you should select from one of the classification groups in the drop down.
  • From Date/Thru Date - These fields specify the time frame the customer agreement will be valid through. Enter the "From" and "Thru" date manually or search for them using the lookup widget. Select the times using the drop down menus.
  • Description - This field allows you to enter a brief description of the customer agreement to distinguished from other customer agreements.
  • Full Text - This field allows you to enter the full text of the customer agreement.

Clicking the [Create] button will create the customer agreement and take you to the View Customer Agreements Screen.