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The "Create Contact" screen is divided into the following sections:

Basic Contact Details

Enter the appropriate contact details into the following fields:

  • First Name/Last Name - This is the full name of the contact, and is a required field to create the contact.
  • First Name (Local) / Last Name (Local) - This is the contact's name in his or her local language.
  • Preferred Currency - This indicates the preferred currency for the contact. Select the currency from the drop down menu. The default is set during CRM/SFA Configuration.
  • Initial Account - Enter the initial accounts internal name, or click the lookup widget to bring up a Find Account screen. You can search for the account by name or phone number, or select the account from the list on the Find Account screen.
  • Description- This information field allows you to detail any further information about the contact.
  • Important Note - This field allows you to make important notes about a contact, so that any critical information you would like noted any time the contact is viewed will be distinct from the contact description.
  • The following input fields are to record additional information for your benefit:
    • Salutation - This is the preffered greeting for the contact.
    • Birth Date - Indicates the contact's birth date. Enter the birth date manually or search for it using the calendar widget.
    • Title - Indicates the relevant title the contact has at his or her company.
    • Department - Indicates which department within the contact's company he or she works in.

Contact Information

  • Country Code - This is the relevant country code for the lead's phone number. The default is set to the value configured in CRM/SFA Configuration.
  • Area Code - This indicates the relevant area code for the lead's phone number.
  • Phone Number - This is the seven digit phone number for the lead.
  • Extension - This is an extension to direct your call to the lead or to the lead's department.
  • Person to Ask For - Should the lead not have a direct line, this will indicate a name to direct your call to the lead.
  • Email address - This is the lead's email address.
  • Web URL - This indicates the lead's personal or company web address.