Configuring opentaps for Your Business

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opentaps is a very flexible system for business process automation that is readily applied to a variety of different kinds of businesses. This means that opentaps comes with a number of configuration options that make it readily adaptable for business growth and change, as well as for different business operating assumptions. Configuration for this powerful business management vehicle is grouped into two major categories, requiring two distinct skill groups:

                1. Technical Configuration for information systems specialists.
                       (Skills like Linux and database administration are needed.)
                2. Administrative Configuration for non-technical administrators.
                       (Skills in business processes and end-user software are needed.)

The following two sections provide introductions to configuration for those groups:

    * the for TECHS, the information systems specialist, 
    * and for ADMINS, the non-technical administrators of the business processes.

Manual Pages > Getting Started with Technical Configuration for TECHS