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Manual pages >> [[Configuring the General Ledger]]
Manual pages >> [[Configuring the General Ledger]]
Section pages >> [[Facilities Setup: Stores, Warehouses, Shipping]]
Section pages in "Setup">> [[Facilities Setup: Stores, Warehouses, Shipping]]
Section pages in "Money">> [[Receivables_Tab]]

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This is the special section on advanced configuration that is available for use by accounting specialists who have support for technical system administration. Specifically, to use advanced configuration it is necessary to use the administration facilities of your operating system, to modify some of the files it contains, possibly to use your database administration tools, and to use the opentaps Web Tools (which are located in Parties & Users > WebTools tab).

Also, we advise that changes to the accounting system be prepared and then tested by an accounting specialist who understands exactly how the modifications should work.

With that note of caution, we will dive into the next section with details about advanced configuration for the Financial section and it's key accounting components. For more information about the technical system, refer to the Testing Manual and the Technical Reference manual which are listed on the navigation sidebar of this page.

Manual pages >> Configuring the General Ledger

Section pages in "Setup">> Facilities Setup: Stores, Warehouses, Shipping

Section pages in "Money">> Receivables_Tab