Comparative Income Statement

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This screen allows you to compare income statements either for one period of time with another or compare actual income statements versus budgets and forecasts. You can either compare the income statements by entering two date ranges (either manually or using the calendar widget to enter the dates) or by selecting two different time periods. The Fiscal Type drop down menus allow you to compare income statements for actual transactions ("Actual") or for previously entered budgets, forecasts, and other fiscal types.

To compare income statements of actual results over two time periods, enter two different date ranges and select "Actual" for both time periods. To compare actual income statements versus budget or forecast, enter the time periods and select "Actual" for one time period and "Budget" for the other. The second time period does not need to follow the first time period chronologically.

Clicking the [Run] button will run the two income statements and display them side by side.

Clicking the [Return to Reports] button will take you back to the Reports home screen.