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The Calender widget

The Calender widget is used on many forms pages for entry of an accurate date that is required in processing the specific form.

To Access Calender widget

To access the Calender widget on any form, Click: [the calender_symbol Icon], a graphic that looks like this, calender Icon.

The Calender widget screen opens displaying the following contents:

Calender widget.png

Calender widget Controls

The Calender widget box (screen) has the following controls to enable entry of any date into a form screen that displays the calender_symbol Icon:

  • Top Center Panel -- Displays the currently selected Month and Year. **Click and Drag the top center panel to move the Calender Widget box.
  • [?] the Calender widget help button -- Click: [?] to display a help page
  • [<<] -- Click to select the previous year
  • [<] -- Click to select the previous month
  • [Today] -- Click to select the current date, month, and year
  • [>] -- Click to select the next month
  • [>>] -- Click to select the next year
  • [day_of_the_week] a column heading for each day of the week -- Click any day_of_the_week heading to begin the calender display on that day.
  • [date] a date shown on the calender -- Click any visible date to select that date for entry into your form screen
  • Bottom Panel -- Displays a prompt message when you mouse over any of the above control buttons on the Calender Widget box.

To use or to close the Calender widget box,

* Select any date using the buttons described, and clicking a visible date button
  to enter that date into your form page.
* Or, click the [X] button in the upper right hand corner of the box to close the widget box.