CRM-2 Administrative API

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Administrative API is used to manage your domain. The API calls follow the general RESTful pattern of CRM-2 API. The base URL is http://crm-2-url/admin/

Here are the additional resources available:

Emails To Poll

Configures the emails to be polled for your domain.

URL extension: email-to-poll (ie, http://crm-2-url/admin/email-to-poll


Add new email to poll with parameters:

  • mailUser
  • mailPass
  • mailStoreProtocol
  • mailHost

For gmail, use imaps and for protocol and host.


Updates an email to poll:

  • mailUser - identifies the email to update

Other parameters are same as for POST operation and will be updated for your email.


Removes an email from polling list:

  • mailUser - email to be removed