Batch Schedule Shipments Screen

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To access this screen from the Main Navigation screen,
* Click: Warehouses Icon > Shipping button > [Batch Schedule Shipments] button in the Shortcuts box.

This screen is used to schedule multiple packed shipments with shipping carriers.

  • Important Note: Like the Schedule a Shipment Screen, it will only work with carriers, which have electronic shipment confirmation configured. [[1]]

To use the batch shipment scheduling proceed as follows:

* For each Shipment, Select: the shipment method type, 
* Enter: the weight and unit of measure, and 
* Click: the [check box] to the right.  
* Then, Click: the [Schedule These Route Segments] button at the bottom.  

The selected shipments will be scheduled in the background.

Once scheduled, you can use the Print Shipping Labels Screen to print the required labels.

Refer to the User Guide page:

Manual page >> Managing Shipments