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For every domain in opentaps CRM2, there is an administrator with special permissions to administer the users and emails. When this administrator logs in, there will be a small cog in the upper right hand corner which has options for Users and Emails:


In the Users screen, you can create new users:


or search and update existing users:


Here you can manage the contacts profile as well as the security permissions of your users.

Note that users are contacts with user logins, but these screen treat them as one. If you want to see your users as contacts, including their activities history, go to the Contacts tab and search for them by name.

You can also set up emails to synchronize with opentaps CRM2 from the Emails menu. These don't have to be the same as your users' emails, and your users' emails won't be synchronized unless you set them up here. Currently only Gmail is supported, so just enter the email address and password. CRM2 will validate them to make sure they work.

Additional configurations can be performed via the REST administrative API. See CRM-2 Administrative API.