Adding Config Items to the Base Configurable Product

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The last step in set-up is to link the Config Item (with it's completed set of Config Options) to the Configurable Product where these Items will be included in the menus. In our example of PC001, the Config Item (IT0001) is already in the menu for PC001, so there is nothing more to add. In general too complete the final step, adding another Config Item, proceed as follows,

Open the Product page and the [Product] Sub-Tab to the Configurable Product.
Click: [Configurations] Sub-Tab.
To add a new Config Item go to the menu box at the bottom labeled, "Add Product Config"
Fill in the following data items:
  • Config Item -- Select from the drop down list, which will include any new item you defined
  • Sequence Num -- Specify a sequence number to control the order of listing in displays
  • From Date -- Effective date of the new Config Item
  • Description -- Provide a short description for Customer displays
  • Long Description -- Provide the long description for Customer displays
  • Config Type Id -- for a Customer choice select "Question", otherwise it is Standard.
  • Default Config Option Id -- You can specify the system ID if you wish, no blanks and no special characters allowed in the ID you enter.
  • Thru Date -- Last effective date for this Option (this entry is not required).
  • Is Mandatory -- Yes = Customer must make a choice, No = No choice is mandatory.
Click: [Create], to define the additional Config Item on the Configurable Product you have opened to it's [Configurations] Sub-Tab.

This completes the set-up guide and example for a Configurable Product.

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